200 Million of the Most United Group of Americans in the United States – Wrongful Foreclosure American Homeowners

Modern slavery style country I am elderly & work night shift caregiver he’s cancer survivor & all my hard labor wearing uniform $ gone a waste for cunning &WellsFargi bank dumped us on st due to their Fake home 🏠 Modification. Remember when u were kid & told if someone offer u candy or $ just run away cz it’s all set up those set up are @WellsFargo & 🏠 Modification is their Fake candy

Deadly Clear

By Sydney Sullivan

Judicial ActivismFor all the talk about a divided America (mostly political that we shy away from on the DC blog), there is a HUGE group of people that can collectively agree we were screwed, smeared, and denied due process in courts that failed to follow the Rule of Law. This is the massive population of American Homeowners.

The majority of over 84 MILLION families were unwittingly lured into a corrupt Wall Street securities scheme that cost them their clear title properties and in some cases their lives or the lives of their loved ones. American Homeowners can easily collaborate and identify with each other because the same crimes were committed over and over on each of them. Talk about a united, cohesive bunch of people – we are the American Homeowners!

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5 thoughts on “200 Million of the Most United Group of Americans in the United States – Wrongful Foreclosure American Homeowners

  1. Hello Nadia, Roger here. Thank you for your acknowledgments, and I, too, have enjoyed your posts. It is very unfortunate that we must endure the endless frauds committed against us by the national banks. Moreover, the theft being sanctioned by some arms of the government is even more troubling.
    I wish you the best as I do to every foreclosed upon homeowner. But your efforts to fight and participate in the discussion like you do is appreciated.

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      1. there is an outfit called recoverybase that is firing up to go after the judges and, hopefully, the crooked bar association. Nadia, the judges know how corrupt all this was. Blaming the borrowers couldn’t work forever.
        Nice to hear you’re still fighting.
        Best to you,
        Roger Rinaldi

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  2. That’s why Maxim Waters & senators cover all kind of fraudelant students Lian car insurance fake account except wrongful foreclosure because government arm is like admitting their fraud!!!!


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