Enough is enough! All the hepatitis asaconsequence of kicking the TLC original home owner modification turned our home to a den to Robert lower the safety of neighborhood

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Tell SIGTARP, the Troubled Asset Relief Program, to stop investigating fraud and compiling huge reports- and to DO SOMETHING FOR THE HOMEOWNERS WHO WERE HARMED:

SigTarp, through its numerous investigations has discovered massive amounts of modification fraud as seen in this audit: .  And yet NOTHING has been done for the homeowners who were deceived, had approved modifications revoked, and the last of their cash confiscated.

As Treasury Secretary Timonthy Geitner said, HAMP borrowers would “foam the runway” for the distressed banks looking for a safe landing.  Now it’s time to foam the runways for corrupt Bank CEOs to go to prison for embezzlement and fraud by using HAMP to push homeowners further in to arrears, and to steal homes.

HAMP was NEVER about helping homeowners save their homes- and to add insult to injury, the Treasury’s Hardest Hit proceeds were used for…

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